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2008-11-15 12:04 pm
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So. Hello old fiends.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of unfinished posts I have lying around. I need to get out of this mind set, that blog posts must be worthy, and interesting, and relevant to at least 80% of my readership. That’s assuming of course, that any of you have stuck around.

What’s new then? Nothing much. I’m still in the same job, just about, and relishing the current quiet period, unlike everyone else in the company who has profit linked bonuses. Hah. I was away again this week for a conference, which was okay, but a lot of travelling for the amount of time I was actually there. Not as much fun as last years either, but oh well :-)

James is poorly sick! He’s got labyrinthitis, which I had a few years back, and which is a horrid thing to have. No real symptoms, just feeling dizzy all the time, which can be quite draining. It also means he can’t drive, so I’ve been added to his insurance, and will now be the Morton-Hunt chauffeur. First test is this afternoon, when I drive us all to Denham, to partake of a cheapass meal. The low cost of the insurance is quite astounding though - we’re talking a few pence to add me to his insurance, which will mean I am now on it until next October at the very least :-)

I’m actually quite happy about this. Living in London, you don’t really need a car, but there are times when it is much more convenient. Case in point - Sarah has invied me to a coffee/knitting thing one weekend. It’s easy to get there on the train, but to drive, we’re talking less then half an hour door to door. I wouldn’t expect James to drive me, but now I can, I’ve no excuse not to go. Other then the crippling shyness, obviously ;-)

Speaking of knitting, I am currently making my Grandma a neck warmer, loosely based around this, in a gorgeous slightly sparkly yarn - this one, although it is actually a much deeper red. I’m doing it in a 1×1 rib, which is a little tedious, but is producing a lovely fabric. I do need to learn how to make button holes though…any good guides out there, or anyone willing to show me for a cup of coffee and a muffin?

The only downer to this is though, is that I got a call from Dad yesterday. She’s currently quite unwell - they’ve found a brain tumour, and are currently running more tests on her. She’s 76 now, and, as far as I am aware quite healthy apart from this, so I am hoping she’ll be okay. I am quietly realistic at the same time though, which is depressing, but lets all hope for the best? I’d really appreciate it if people could think good, positive thoughts. Dad’s going down there this weekend, and I might take an afternoon off work and go down one day, just for a couple of hours. I don’t want to overwhelm her by going down for too long, and I don’t want to inconvenience my Grandad if she’s in hospital.

On a slightly cheerier note, you should all come to this. I should be helping out, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Brighton Loves Handmade

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2008-09-10 10:44 pm
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Yesterday was a bit of a grotty day at work. Occasionally when I have a grotty day at work, I get a killer back ache in the evening, which I attribute entirely to being stressed and probably holding myself oddly as a result. Talking to Mum about 8pm it started to twinge a bit, so after eating a yummy dinner of roasted veg and sossages, I went and had a hot bath in the hope that this would ease it a little bit.

It didn’t. I got out and it started feeling much, much worse. I couldn’t get anywhere even approaching comfy, however I sat/lay/stood. James offered to go and get me some stronger painkillers from a 24 hours pharmacy, but before he could go, I was very sick and lost all my yummy dinner. Fun.

At this point he decided to call NHS Direct, who arrange for a doctor to call us back. When the doctor does call us back, I’m in so much pain, I can hardly talk. He says he wants to see me and could James bring me in.  We get there, and I’m lying across the seats as it’s the only way I can get even approaching comfortable. When we get called in, he sits there for a good three minutes reading my notes before he says anything. After various proddings and pokings he tells me my back has gone in to a spasm, and gives me stuff to ease it.

I ended up with t r a m a d o l  for the pain, v a l i u m  to help me sleep and as a muscle relaxant and Ibuprofen to help reduce the inflammation. Jeeze, did I sleep well last night. I woke up when James came to bed and proceeded to talk nonsense to him while he tried alternately to get to sleep, and cursed next door’s cat with it’s cute little bell, but once I got back to sleep that was it for a good few more hours. I woke up this morning feeling *awful* Like, The worst hangover ever, times a hundred. I’ve filled the v a l i u m  prescription, but I doubt I’ll ever use it, unless I’m in *agony* I spent the whole of this morning in a total brain fog. The painkiller was wonderfully effective though.

Bizarrely though, my back seems pretty much fine. Incidentally, my blog won’t let me post with the names of the drugs I’m taking, I’m assuming it thinks I am spamming it.

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2008-07-01 12:07 pm
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I am nosy. What’s everyone got for lunch? I have a salad, with:

- mixed leaves
- cucumber
- radishes
- spring onions
- tomato
- chick peas
- kidney beans
- sweetcorn
- fresh raw peas
- mixed seeds on top
and balsamic vinegar dressing. NOM NOM NOM. For ‘pudding’ I have a vanilla yoghurt, a nectarine and some cherries!
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2008-06-29 07:15 pm
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Perfect Sunday Afternoons

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Today’s been lovely. Lazy morning, followed by a lovely lunch with Eri and Rob at a nice restaurant in Ealing, then an afternoon knitting and watching Gossip Girl while James does some writing.

I’ve had a few days off work to recharge my batteries following Radiohead, and have tomorrow off as well :) It’s been lovely to spend a few days pottering about, going in to town with James and wandering around Covent Garden for a couple of hours, making cakes, knitting and sleeping.

Radiohead was excellent and we got some excellent older songs - Karma Police, The Bends and No Suprises really stand out. But then I’m a sucker for the older stuff. Set list here.

Friday night we went to see some comedy at Bush Hall - Josie Long, who was *awful*, Tom Basden who was really good and Stewart Lee headlining. Richard Herring was compereing, and it was most excellent. Less excellent was the loss of my black cardigan somewhere in Shepherds Bush. Grr.

Further back, we went to Brighton last week to see the A-Bs and bestow birthday gifts on Toby. He is a truly lovely little boy, and it was lovely to spend some time with them. We don’t see them enough, and we’re missing Relly’s birthday for Latitude. Poo.
Tomorrow I plan to head to the library, try and find a new black top, and try and locate Wii Fit. I’m guessing I’ll hit 2 out off three.